Esb Men caftan Vol1 – Custom Made Senator Designed Style Dresses For Men

EsBTV Men Inspired Fashion Volume 1 - Custom Made Senator Designed Style Dresses For Men

We’ve been working on creating pieces for every EsbTV male fan and we are fully ready to deliver quality to your doorstep. here are some number of Custom Made Senator Designed Style Dresses For Men

Ladies, your not left out in these deals-it’s ideal for your bae, lover, hubby, boyfriend, brother and father. So stay with us.

Our range of male outfits is specifically tailor-made for you to look clean, crisp and classy.
Let’s look at this checkered and patterned designs we’ve got in store for the man whose ‘stew’ *in wizkids voice*  is still hot and peppery. *lol*

This senator designed style is a combination of neatly sewn trouser and a top that falls just above the knee. Round neck cut and embroidered detailing and cut-outs that are clean and structured.

Styling an item like this isn’t a difficult deal as it very much dependent on the occasion, your personality and sense of self. We want to help you solve the style problem with stocking up updated trendy, bespoke apparels that is befitting for the status your aspiring for. 

A long-sleeved senator allows for the expression of masculinity with the addition of cuff-links which is a must-have for all men. Throw in a piece of ring- a solid gold band on your finger, if your married and a fashion ring for elegance.

Shoe option could be loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, and all other shoes that do not dress shoes (no lace-ups).

Trust that we offer, great quality and excellent finishing- you don’t want to be dripping sauce on the outside and feel uncomfortable on the outside, so we pay attention to using quality fabrics for our bespoke tailor-made outfits.

Hurry, go shop and thank me later.

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