Rafatu & Rahim’s Pre-wedding Shoot is the Perfect Start for The Day

Here Is a Perfect Start for The Day! The beauty of loving someone is how everyone can see it too! How your eyes sparkle when we look at them, how the energy simply radiates.

Rafatu and Rahim are radiating all that chemistry and spark in their pre-wedding photos. They say when you find the one your heart beats for, nothing sounds better than spending the rest of your life with them. Rafatu and Rahim clearly believe this firmly and so, they’re taking that next big step. Going from lovers to life partners. To set their big day rolling, they had this amazing pre-wedding shoot that has us blushing.

We most certainly love the exquisite vibe of the black outfit. Their chemistry makes it even all the more intriguing. From the way they look at each other, you can tell they can’t wait to spend forever in each other’s company. Love is truly a beautiful thing and with lovely couples like these, we can never get tired of saying it!

Check out all the lovely photos from their pre-wedding shoot below:



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