He Had a Crush on Her Since Secondary School! 13 Years after, It’s Forever for Brenda & Michael

We’re super excited and we’re sure you can already guess why. First, let’s just appreciate the prevailing power of love. One sweet thing about love – no matter how long it takes, it’ll happen at its time! Brenda and Michael are solid proof of this.

The beautiful couple were introduced to each other by Brenda’s sister years ago. Not much was immediately born out of that meeting but a seed had already been sown. That seed germinated and blossomed into a beautiful love story years after. From secondary school to university and youth service, what was initially Michael’s crushing and Brenda’s “unlooking”, grew into two hearts coming together and being in sync.

The lovebirds had this pre-wedding shoot captured by JOP Studios as they happily countdown to their big day and we’re simply drooling. The beauty in every frame has us loving and appreciating the sweetness of love. We also get to read all about their love story, Brenda gives us the full details. Keep scrolling to read it all. Also, enjoy the photos from their pre-wedding shoot below:

Their love story as Brenda tells it:

Michael and I have known each other for 13 years now after my sister introduced him in 2009. In High school days, I just said “hi” and walked away. Fast forward to university days, Michael sent me a friend request on Facebook. I saw it later and I accepted it. He would text me randomly to check on me and most times I wouldn’t reply. I was in a relationship and I was focused! However, that didn’t stop him from being consistent.

When I started youth service in Port Harcourt in 2016, he would text me that he needed to see me and I would ignore it. I knew he liked me but I was still in a relationship so I paid no attention. I didn’t hear from him again till June 2019.

So, I got a message on IG saying, “I’m coming to Lagos this week to see you. Please let me see you.”  The message followed with a picture of his flight ticket. I said, “are you not coming because of work?” He said, “No, I’m coming to see you.”

In my head, I was like I’ll still disappoint. ?? One thing that struck me was how much of a gentleman he was (or is). LOL. He gave me options of where we could meet on the island and I chose Circa non-pareil.

Eventually, I made up my mind to go, got ready and on my way, I had the worst cramps. I wanted to go back but something kept telling me to go see him first. I saw him and the cramps disappeared. ?

Time went by so fast that Sunday, we spoke about everything and nothing. He told me that day that he wanted me to be his partner, and how he had a crush on me since my secondary school days, I’m like please slow down oh, get to know me first.

A few months later, he asked me to be his girlfriend kneeling down in public at Eko hotel rooftop. I was so shy. ? I picked him up and said, “No, you will not be my ex. Shey you want to marry me, Oya wait.”

One thing I admired about him was his determination. No matter how many times I said no, he still waited. I got so fond of him and fell head over heels for him. (he’s my rock literally). He proposed the following month and I said Yes!


Hairstylist: @quiviehairpage
Makeup: @peaceibadin_mua
Outfits: @nelo.woman
Videography: @otusally

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