When Your Mutual Friend Links You Up & Now It’s The #ARLoveAffair21

Let’s talk about love and happy endings, fairy tales, and ever after. Let’s smile sheepishly at the memories that love brings and fill our hearts with sweet tales. Today, Amy and Rob are the perfect place to start! When Your Mutual Friend Links You Up

Amy met Rob through her friend, Uche and it was a smooth sail from then on! Getting all the confirmation she needed, Amy let herself love freely and truly, and now we’ve got a beautiful story out of it. Their pre-wedding photos have us blushing hard. The vibe they both emit is sure something to be giddy about. We can’t get over the glimmer in their eyes as they stare at each other and the smiles we know can only come from a place of deep affection. We’re totally rooting for Amy and Rob as they go on to begin a new phase of their life!

Check out their beautiful pre-wedding photos below. Also, enjoy how Amy shares their love story below.

Their love story according to Amy:

I couldn’t afford to get it wrong so I prayed more, God laid it in my heart, showed me in my dreams, confirmed it to my prayer team and support system. To my fickle heart, I said, “Girl let’s do this, love like you’ve never loved, without fear and without holding anything back.”

It was seamless. All I ever prayed for and more. God gave me my man, his son, my soulmate. How did I get so lucky I said to him. He replied, “no I’m the lucky one”. I didn’t settle. I prayed for this, grew to become a woman worthy of all that I’m praying for in a man and waited on God.

We started talking on the 22nd of July after my friend Uche did the linking lol. We saw and went on our first date in September. That day, I said yes to being his girlfriend after we’ve already named our kids over the phone… Hahahaha

He unlocked the doors to my versatile personality. He met all of me – the fierce go-getter, the sweet baby that wants all the love, a helpless romantic and of course the clown, the side that only my family and closest friends see.

We always have a great laugh. Rob jokes a lot, he is disciplined, loves God and aims at being a better person every day. I am blessed to have something new to love about him every day.

On the 14th of February, he went on one knee and popped the question. 10th of April, we got traditionally hitched. Now, it’s forever for me and my adorable husband. Nkem, my peace, the one that warms my heart, my best friend and safest companion.


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