Chisom & Anthony Went From Boarding the Same Flight to Falling in Love!

They say “catch flights not feelings.” Well, how about catching both! That’s exactly what Chisom and Anthony did and now, we’ve got a beautiful love story to gush over.? Chisom & Anthony Went From Boarding the Same Flight to Falling in Love

Chisom met her forever love on a beautiful day at the airport. The two happened to board the same flight and Anthony was simply hooked from the moment he saw her. He went from a few stares to some smiles and ultimately, it’s a journey down the aisle! We’re loving every bit of their pre-wedding shoot as the sweethearts get into their ever after. Their love story just has us in our feelings and falling in love all over again, with how beautiful love is.

Check out all the amazing photos from their pre-wedding shoot below. Keep scrolling to see how Chisom shares their love story and how Anthony popped the big question.

Their love story according to Chisom:

I had a work project outside Lagos. While I was at the airport lounge waiting for my flight to be announced, I noticed this guy staring so intently at me. I wasn’t sure how I felt especially when he started smiling. I recall messaging a friend of mine telling her that I just saw this cute dude at the airport and he was staring at me so much and we had both laughed it off.

A few minutes later, my flight was announced and I stood up and went into the bathroom, I noticed he was still staring. I could swear he was on another flight. So I was a bit taken aback when I boarded and I saw him in the aircraft. He was still smiling at me!

When we landed, I had totally forgotten about him. I was waiting for my luggage when I saw him again. This time, he wasn’t smiling anymore. He was walking towards me. Then he stopped in front of me. For some silly reason, I was shy. When he introduced himself and asked me my name – I stuttered a little.

He asked for my number and requested to see me later that evening. I asked him to give me his number instead with the promise that I would call him. He hesitated and tried persuading me to give him mine as he worried I wouldn’t call. I insisted. He gave me his number.

I got to my hotel and settled in. Did some work and messaged him saying “Hi, this is Chisom, here’s my number.” He immediately responded and said, “Hi Chisom, thanks for reaching out. Let’s hang out after work.” I told him I wasn’t sure as I didn’t pack pretty clothes for hangouts.

I confessed all I had was my denim and sneakers. He said he didn’t mind what I wore as far as he saw me. That evening, he came to my hotel and waited in the Lobby. I came down, noticed he had changed and was wearing denim and sneakers. I recall he said the cutest thing to me.

“I went home to change to a denim and sneakers, so you don’t feel out of place and we could match.” A sweet and thoughtful king! I Stan!! ?

We sat in the lobby for a while and gisted. He drove me around for my project inspection after which we ended up at a lounge where we sat and spoke extensively about ourselves, our fears and the future.

It felt like we had known ourselves for a lifetime. It was how natural it felt, nothing forced or weird. Deep down, I knew I fancied him. After he told me his age, he asked me mine – I inflated it with 2 years. His next question was, “would you be okay marrying someone younger than you?”

I immediately said no. I saw the flicker of sadness in his eyes before I told him I was joking about being older than him. He was with me throughout my whole project. Going back to Lagos was hard. It felt like I was leaving a huge part of me behind. However, we stayed in touch. When we eventually started dating, the beauty of our relationship was how intentional we both were, we knew what we wanted.

The Proposal

So when Anthony asked me to marry him, I wasn’t entirely surprised. (Ps: there was no way Anthony could have surprised me, he sucked at it anyway). My proposal was authentic and very genuine.

It was on a Sunday morning while we were driving to go pick up his suit. While we were in the car waiting for the tailor, he turned to me and said, “Babe, I have your ring. Do you want a lavish engagement party or …”

I was excited and I said, “No, I want it now.” He brought the ring and his exact words were; “Chisom, I am happiest when I’m with you. We complement each other perfectly and I know that together we can conquer the world, please marry me.”

With a proposal statement like that? Of course, I said yes! I’m so grateful that today, we are here and totally stoked for what the future holds.


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