David Knew He Loved Chenemi From Their Very First Date

Here’s an ode to the friends who know what’s good for us and connects us with it. They are the true MVPs -the heroes without capes! Chenemi and David share a friend in this category and this is where their love journey began. David Knew He Loved Chenemi From Their Very First Date

David got Chenemi’s number through a mutual friend of theirs and you can guess what happened after because here we are, celebrating two hearts joining as one and loving on their pre-wedding photos! There’s a whole lot to love about the #ChennyDave2021 pre-wedding shoot but let’s start from the most glaring – their love! It is so evident how smitten these love birds are just by how affectionately they look at each other. The smiles on their faces hold such a contagious fulfillment that we can’t help but share in it.

See all the beautiful photos from their pre-wedding shoot below. Also, read their full love story, as told by David.

Their love story according to David:

I was given Chenemi’s number by a mutual friend of ours – a sharp judge of character who two years ago, said she is a beautiful and kind person. Oh, how right he was! I was roaming around Kaduna at that time for a job but I still sent her a first text message. Out of this came messages every single day that turned into phone calls and hours and hours of talking, laughing, flirting and falling in love.

The connection we have built up is so special. I have never felt that before. When we were finally able to meet after two months, it was like we had known each other for eternity and we could not keep our hands off each other. This was such an exciting date. I knew I loved her that day. Over the years, we have created something so unique. I would not want to miss any single experience, joke, kiss or memory we have shared.

To my beautiful wife – I am still pinching myself that I can call you that from now on. Words cannot express how much you mean to me and how proud I am of you.

Thank you for making this journey, our journey together, so exciting as it is. I cannot wait to discover everything that life has in store for us. Look at how far we have come. Na fedo we, my beautiful wife!


Bride: @mzchenny_svelte
Groom: @stadtk_nd
Makeup: @makeupbyojay
Dress: @sheinofficial |@donaldsbridallounge

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