Ebube Stole Bon’s Sleep Many Years Ago, Now It’s Akachukwu diya 4ever! 😅

Before we go on with anything else, we’d like for you to know that you will be smiling all through this feature! 😅  Yes, Ebube and Bon have us smiling so wide with their love story and pre-wedding shoot, you’re sure to catch the love bug too. Ebube Stole Bon’s Sleep Many Years Ago

Ebube had met Bon over a decade ago, as high school students. A genuine friendship budded after Bon had “lost sleep” over the beauty that is Ebube ( you’ll understand this as you keep scrolling to where Ebube shares their story😂.). The young friends grew up and with time, grew apart. But guess what? Love had its plan all along. Years later, the two reunited and now, it’s #Akachukwudiya4ever!

We’re loving all their sweet pre-wedding photos and we’re certain you want to enjoy them as well. Continue to scroll to read all of Ebube and Bon’s love story and enjoy their pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Ebube:

Bonaventure and I met when we were both teenagers far back in 2002/2003 (I can’t remember the exact year) in a family friend’s house in the East.  That year, I had travelled down to Anambra state for the Christmas celebrations with this family. So one night,  my friends and I were having a conversation in the living room.

One of their cousins came to call me saying someone was asking for me downstairs. But then, one of the girls gave me a hint that it was Bonaventure.  I was hesitant in answering that call at first but they told me to go hear what he had to say. So I went downstairs to meet him and my guy was dropping some Nollywood lines.

He said, “ Hi Ebube, my name is Mmaduabuchi (his native name), why have you been troubling my sleep??? I can’t seem to shut my eyes without seeing you everywhere and my heart keeps beating anytime I see you.” Or something like that.

I was so confused and speechless and honestly. I didn’t understand a word he said because it didn’t make sense. Oh well, at the time, I wasn’t a fan of boys so I rarely paid them any attention. Moving on, he asked for my phone number and I gave him my house phone line as we didn’t have cellphones at the time.

We came back to Lagos and our phone communication started. He called almost every night and at the time, we didn’t have a wireless phone. So I was forced to take the call in the living room right in front of my dad while he listened to my conversations… Every single time.

Most times, my dad would scream on top of his lungs when he called. One thing I really loved about him at the time was his courage. He was never afraid when my dad picked the calls and was always persistent. He never backed down! These phone conversations continued till we got out of high school.

When he got into the university, the calls started reducing until we finally stopped talking but he never forgot my birthday and neither did I.  We made sure to send each other birthday messages on our birthdays. We seldomly met at weddings but we just say hello and go about our separate ways but we always remained cordial.

Most times, he would invite me for a hangout but I never went. In 2017, he randomly sent a message under a picture of mine, “My runaway wife”.  I chuckled and responded, “ My runaway husband”. He later said, “just enjoy yourself with all these Lagos boys and when I’m finally ready, I’ll just come and marry you”.

So I responded, “No worries my dear, I’ll be waiting”. I never for one day believed this joke was going to be my reality. After that chat, we didn’t chat again until my birthday where he wished me a happy birthday and I did the same on his.

During all this time, I had struggled in different relationships and recorded terrible heartbreaks and I personally told God that I was done and anyone who would marry me should come and meet me in my father’s house.

Fast forward to 2019. I lost a brother in April that year and I was shocked to see him at my house with his cousin but at the time, I was still grieving so wasn’t in the right state of mind for a catch-up.

Later in June, he saw a picture I posted on my WhatsApp status with my old friends and then he commented and said we should hang out the next weekend. I reluctantly said, “sure” as I’ve always done. Then, Friday came and I wasn’t feeling great at all, it felt like I was drowning in my own bed.

I quickly jumped up, ran into my bathroom to take a shower and as soon as I stepped out of the shower, I heard a loud and clear voice, “Call Bonaventure” (most people don’t believe this part of my story but it’s what it is). Anyway, I picked my phone to call him.

At the first ring, he didn’t pick. I tried a second time and then he picked. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked him if we were still going to hang out. It was shocking for him because I had never honoured any of these invitations and to be fair, he even forgot about this one.

So he asked me to come, and I hit the road blindly (without google maps) which I never do and drove straight to him. When I got there, I began to query my actions in my head. Then he noticed how lost and bothered I was and suggested we went out.

We went to this is Restaurant in VI where we ate and listened to the DJ play beautiful soothing songs and for the most part of that dinner, I zoned out. Some hours later, he realized I was doing more listening than talking which was unlike me and asked if I was well.

Then I told him the truth that I zoned out for the most part of the conversation but I’m back with him. He was pretty understanding and didn’t find that annoying. Anyway, after that dinner, we never stopped talking till he asked me to marry him 6 months later.


Planner: @lh_events
Photography: @tosinjosh

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