Reniy & Debola’s Love Story Began in Primary School! See Their Sweet #BNBling Moment

Reniy & Debola’s Love Story Began In Primary School! See Their Sweet #bnbling Moment
Don’t we all just love pleasant surprises – especially when it comes with a beautiful ring! Love also has its own way of surprising us in the sweetest ways. For Reniy and Debola who were just kids when they first knew each other, they definitely didn’t see love coming. But therein lies the beauty! Reniy & Debola’s Love Story Began In Primary School! See Their Sweet #bnbling Moment

Years after primary school, what seemed like casual acquaintance soon blossomed into something so amazing for Reniy and Debola. Now, here we are, gushing over their sweet #BNBling moment and rooting for the beautiful couple. Debola popped the big question to the love of his life in a surprise proposal and of course, it was a resounding yes!  We can’t help our giddiness for the lovebirds and we bet their love story will absolutely warm your heart too.

Enjoy the beautiful photos from their proposal and read how their beautiful love came to be, below.

Their love story as shared by Reniy:

Our love story started before we knew it was being written. We actually went to the same primary school and I had always known him and his siblings. But I was more focused on eating all the sweets and Caprisonne I could find back then! Even my mum knew him, and over the years she would occasionally ask about him, which I had no real answer to because we didn’t keep in touch. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Fast forward to some years later and he posted a tweet that went viral on Twitter. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was him because he was a lot cuter than I remembered. But he confirmed that he did actually go to CTC International school. He was always cute in school, but this new and improved Debola was next level. The glow up was definitely real! We started talking in starts and stops first on Twitter, then we moved to WhatsApp, then back to Twitter and finally moved back to WhatsApp. He is very intelligent and his diction is amazing so our friendship started easily. One day, we were having a serious conversation, talking about love and relationships generally and this guy just ghosted me. I even sent him a light-hearted message the next day – you know,  just stylishly checking that he’s okay. No response, but I saw that he posted on Twitter! So I just kept it moving.

Tell me why this young man jumped on my tweet a few weeks later trying to make jokes in my DMs? 😂. I responded sha. I didn’t raise the ghosting issue and we continued our conversation on Twitter. Until one day, he asked why we were chatting on Twitter when we had each other’s numbers. So he went to WhatsApp, saw the un-replied messages and then started apologising. Saying how he didn’t see the messages and he was so sorry. Then he pinned my chat to the top of his WhatsApp and he has responded to every message I’ve sent since then. For me, I took the relationship seriously pretty early on. He checked all my boxes and then some. He is intelligent, speaks very well, and is a patient man with strong values. He was focused and ambitious. He knew what he wanted and always had a plan. I decided to move to England to finally get my master’s degree and of course, I chose a school that wasn’t too far from him. As we connected, we realised how much of our values aligned, how deep our connection was, and how happy we made one another. Debola is the perfect balance for me. He is the patient to my impatient, organised to my spontaneity, and measured to my careless. He completes me like he was made for me and honestly, I want to spend every minute with him trying to make him as happy as he makes me. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen to anybody who is still single because I’ve collected the best man on the streets! Debola is an amazing guy who is perfect for me, and I would say yes to him a thousand times over.❤️

See page 2 for Debola’s side of the story

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