A backdated Lit Ankara Print yet effortlessly chic.



This Ankara print is lit. It’s backdated yet effortlessly chic.

Plus, it’s bright colors makes the whole outfit catchy.

Style with jeggings (as seen in the picture),a pencil skirt, flared or jean skirt.

What’s drama without billowed sleeves. For more drama, make the sleeves bigger.

This can be worn to work on Friday(if the neckline is more conservative) a launch party or date night.

Modest ladies, we’ve got you covered, just add more inches upward to your neckline to cover up as you’d like,and add sparkle to this outfit by stoning it.

When wearing a jean skirt, a sneaker would match.

Heels for mid length skirt, culottes or funnel legged trousers.Let those nappy curls sit pretty on those shoulders and walk with your head up.

Please choose the appropriate bra that allows your bust to be firm and fully packed(you don’t want to be uncomfortable).

A backdated Lit Ankara Print yet effortlessly chic.


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