Lace Gown, Lined With Bridal Satin Beneath For Coverage And Fittings


Details of the fabric: Lace, lined with bridal satin beneath for coverage and fittings.
The preferred occasion for the outfit: Pageantry or A bride’s reception dress.
Preferred shape fit: Hourglass shape.
However, women with bigger upper body can wear this as long as it is clenched at the waistline to give the illusion of wide hips.
Other matching wears like colour mix: Silver, Magenta and Nude(matching skin color),
shoe: Strap stilettos(2-6 inches high).
Bags: A stoned or beaded purse or a knuckle hand held clutch.
Jewelries: Long silver earrings with hair styled in a top bun or side bun. Simple studs with hair flowing down the shoulder.
Extra tip for the modest woman:
Add billowed dramatic sleeves using an organza fabric and make the neckline off shoulder.

choose to reveal either shoulders or thighs.

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