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Debbie & Mo Met At a Church Career Conference, Now A Purpose Bond is Here! 😍

When you attend a conference, it’s mostly for the knowledge you stand to gain. Also, beautiful connections and networks have been built from such events as these. But this network is definitely not exclusive of something more – like love! On this fateful career conference at church, love came out to play and connected two […]

Nneoma & Osaze’s Young Love is Forever Love and Beauty – Now #ItsON21

Nneoma & Osaze are set to say their “I do’s” and we’re super stoked for them! We love everything love of course and so these lovebirds are fueling our love for all things sweet and heartwarming. Nneoma had met her boo as a 17-year-old teen and somewhere in her mind, she knew she had met her husband. They […]

He Had a Crush on Her Since Secondary School! 13 Years after, It’s Forever for Brenda & Michael

We’re super excited and we’re sure you can already guess why. First, let’s just appreciate the prevailing power of love. One sweet thing about love – no matter how long it takes, it’ll happen at its time! Brenda and Michael are solid proof of this. The beautiful couple were introduced to each other by Brenda’s sister years ago. Not […]

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