30+ wardrobe must-have for every Classic and Curvy woman

30+ wardrobe must-have for every Classic and Curvy woman
Fashion trends change yearly and some completely go out of style, however there are some wardrobe essentials that can never go out of style, so if you’re interested in keeping up with the hottest trends this post is for you.

Instead of always stressing over what to wear or which trend to follow, why not stock up your closet with these closet must haves i’ll be listing out below.

1. A little black dress – This is on top of my list because i believe you can never go wrong with a black dress when paired with a nice shoe, make sure you get a dress that fits you perfectly, I’m sure you do not want to be looking funny in some oversized dress.

2. Shoes (heels or flats) – Flats or heels will never disappoint you if well paired with the outfit of your choice be it skirts, dresses, jeans whatsoever.

3. A white tee – Ladies get yourselves a plain white t-shirt which can be paired with a leather or denim jacket if you wish

4. Blazers – A blazer works for both office outfit and casual outfit, thank goodness they come in different styles and sizes, get yourself a comfortable one that isn’t too free or too tight either

5. Denim jacket – There are many ways to which you can style a denim jacket and get away with it. 

6. Cardigan – A comfortable cardigan can be paired with a jeans and and a sneakers or any nice outfit of your choice  

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