A Chance meeting, Willingness to Risk it all & 5 Years Down, Nneka & Onome Are In For A Lifetime!

A Chance meeting, Willingness to Risk it all & 5 Years Down, Nneka & Onome Are In For A Lifetime! Love is a daily essential and we recommend heavy doses each day! We’d say we’re super excited, but when are we not excited about love? The answer is never! 😅

Nneka and Onome will make you blush so hard with their love story. The couple set eyes on each other for the first time, on a lovely evening. And from then on, cupid started her mission. The groom, Onome was ready to risk it all from the get-go, and 5 years down the line, it paid off. We so much love their pre-wedding photos. And the indigenous concept just makes it all the more rich and classic.

The gorgeous lovebirds both share their love story with Esb TV. Keep scrolling to relish it all. 😉

The groom, Onome says,

Right after university, I moved into a new house because I needed a bit more space.

A few days after, I had a friend over. So we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. We were heading back to the crib when I saw this drop-dead gorgeous lady getting out of her car. She looked like she had a long day at work, yet she looked so charming. She smiled and waved in our direction and my friend waved back. As a sharp guy, I had to walk behind her to see where she was heading. So I immediately received an imaginary phone call. She got into house number 554 and my new house was 556. At this point, I wasn’t sure if she lived there but I just hoped I would see her again.

Immediately we got into the house, I asked my guy, “O boy you sabi that babe?” He said, “omo free that girl na wahala babe”. I tried to probe further, but he had no specific reason which didn’t make any sense to me. But I had to let the issue die.

A week after I had to go for a grocery run because I was starving. On getting to the store I bumped into Fatima who I hadn’t seen in a while. To my greatest surprise she was with the same chick I just saw a week ago. Immediately I had to start a conversation with her. She was so charming and charismatic with a bit of an attitude that didn’t take away from her unique features. Minutes in, the vibe was just right and so natural and that was the only cue I needed. My entire drive was me talking to myself. “Onome dem say this babe get wahala oh”. I had to reassure myself “oboy forget all die na die, I am ready to risk it all”.

Fast forward 5 years after I am planning a wedding with the love of my life. Nneka is the most focused, hardworking, caring, and goal-oriented woman I have ever met in my entire life. Her type is extinct and honestly, I am forever thankful.

Here’s how Nneka shares it;

Ok, let me give y’all the full gist.

I was home one summer with my mom – she came visiting from Nigeria. I got a call from one of my friends, Aje. He said he was next door at his friend’s place and they are trying to cook but don’t have seasonings. And he asked if I could bring some for them. I said sure, I went over and that was the very first time we locked eyes. We said hi to each other but I was in a hurry so I left.

A week or so after, I was invited to a bbq next door at the same house. I went with a couple of friends. Onome made me feel so comfortable at his house, and this was when I started feeling him. Lol. I went out to the balcony to take a phone call… And after a couple of minutes, he came out as well. I turned my back and the first thing he said was “I hope you enjoyed my cooking”… I said “it wasn’t bad but it could be better” with a smile on my face. We started chatting about how we live right next door to each other but never knew.

He also mentioned he had seen me around school but never had the courage to talk to me. (I had also seen him before, but I acted like I didn’t know him). Our talk didn’t last for long as one of my friends came to interrupt. But what really got me was he never asked for my number. I was pretty surprised. I left the party and never saw him again. See Page 2 to continue the reading our sweet stroy

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