I Met Solomon Through His Mom. His mom used to work for my dad in his catering school

I Met Solomon Through His Mom. His mom used to work for my dad in his catering school
I Met Solomon (middle of 2011) Through His Mom. His mom use to work for my dad in his catering school as matron officer while I was the front desk officer. His mom has always liked me, we gist during work hours and Everytime she’ll tell me she wants to marry me for her son. And I’ll laugh and tell her that I want to go to school. So one day, an elderly man came to office saying he’s looking for Mrs Wari (Solomon’s mom),

I told him to sit while I go inform her about her guest. While I was about doing that, the man said he likes me and he’ll want me to marry his son. I laugh ehn, I told his mom that she had a guest then my dad called that I should bring tea for him in his office. I was attending to my dad and immediately I came out, she pointed at me saying “Daddy, see Solomon’s wife I’ve been telling you about” and I was like, ehn….. she said come and greet your father inlaw o and his dad said he also told me he wants me to marry his son, and it’s the same, Solomon.

That day I confuse. After some weeks, his dad and mom came to meet my mom in ajao estate that they want me and their son together and I should be coming for the weekend so we’ll get too now ourselves. That was how I start going there from ajao estate to femi olowolabi street, ikotun. From 2011-2013 we broke up and I got admission into university of cape coast and Solomon too moved on and he relocated to Dubai. We started communicating in 2015, just as friends, June 2016, I came to Nigeria for my friend’s wedding (Vanessa) because I was her bridesmaid.

My mom lives in porthacourt but I needed a place to stay in Lagos so I contacted Solomon’s mom if I could stay in her place and she agreed. I got there that evening and saw Solomon, I was shocked, confused, but I left my things there because the wedding is in ogun state. So I traveled that night to ogun state after the wedding I got back to their place and the his mom was gisting me and we set aside our differences. Then we settled, I went back to Ghana and we separated. We just stopped communicating with each other. Until 2018, I started calling him to come and get me pregnant 😂 but he refused saying he wants us to get married and he wants it to be in a proper way. So his sister made me one of her bridesmaids in May 2019.

That was when I saw him again after how many years. We talk ehn to the extend that he said I should go with them to the house but I refused. He said okay, I don’t want to force you. After that day, we chat but as friends, until I met someone and I got engaged but thank God for Covid-19 last year, I got to know the person’s true color.

Solomon relocated to porthacourt because of work. His mom last year 2020 will message me, to delete my ex’s pictures that I was posting that Solomon will marry me but I didn’t take it serious. After I healed from the heartbreak from my ex, I started getting close to Solomon last year October, we started acting like we were just getting to know each other. And I went to porthacourt in December, we saw and this year his mom will call me and say solo will marry you and I want you to be my daughter inlaw 😊 (e good make you get better mother inlaw). Read more details in page 2

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